XXI Edition of Autostyle Design Competition this October


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Berman S.p.A. – the leading designer and manufacturer of OEM body components and genuine accessories, located in San Benedetto Po (Mantua, Italy) – presents the XXI Edition of Autostyle Design Competition, to be held from 24 and 25 October, 2024.

The location will be once again the Villa Schiarino in Mantua, with its theatre style stage setting and large garden, most suitable for the reception and sportscar and concept car exhibition.

The Centri Stile (Central Design) aspect to the event, like in previous years, presents exceptional new projects from: Aston Martin, Azimut, Bentley, Bulgari, BYD, Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Microlino, Suzuki and Toyota.

The other main element is the annual International Design Competition, whereby the sketches prepared by the Design Students, applying the competition, will be judged by the Centri Stile, along with the magazine partners and the award ceremony will happen at the end of the event.

As for the past number of years, WACOM and Auto&Design, RAMP, Autotecnica, Fleet Car, Virtual car magazines are collaborating at the event.

“We are pleased to provide a preview on the 21st edition of the event, a special occasion and a significant milestone from when we began the competition here in Mantua. Pleased to say that it has become keenly contested, with entries from auto design colleges from all over the world. Autostyle has evolved to become a leading show case for car design, auto designer workshops and a beautiful display of future concepts and sport cars,” explained Roberto Artioli, Autostyle founder and President at Berman S.p.A.

Students from Design Schools are invited to take part in the competition by creating two special versions based on an existing original production or concept car.

All the proposal will be evaluated and three main awards will be assigned:

  1. Committee Award: assigned by representatives and Chief Designers of Car brands
  2. Press Award: assigned by some of the main specialized magazines
  3. Audience Award: assigned by people attending the event

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Contact: autostyle@berman.it