Come and meet DriveABLE at the Fleet Car Safety Seminar & Demonstration


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“The safety and wellness of commercial drivers, the people  and products they carry, and the communities through which they drive, has become a primary focus of stakeholders.

Governments, the commercial sector, and the public are demanding tools with predictive capabilities to identify high-risk human behavior so lives can be saved. Understanding the complexities of how the brain functions in different environments and conditions is key to this predictive power. DriveABLE is at the forefront of pioneering the way for these predictive cognitive tools that are changing the way safety has been addressed.

Join the DriveABLE team where they will be sharing on how they support transit fleets with predictive cognitive tools that empower management with information to proactively respond to establish driver risk.”

If you wanted something more specific about ExceleRATE please see this breakdown below.


A proactive risk assessment protocol that looks at the various skills critical for safe commercial driving. Designed specifically for the needs of commercial fleets, ExceleRATE harnesses the power of predictive cognitive science to provide decision makers with information to make quick and informed decisions about safety. It remains one of the only assessment systems that is predictive of actual on-road driving.