Tested: Citroën C5 Aircross  


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C-Series Edition 1.6 petrol Plug-In Hybrid model driven


Citroën’s family sized five-seater crossover SUV – recently revamped with revised looks, trim levels and technology. Available in petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid versions, it’s the PHEV model we review here.


  • 2022’s makeover may have been more an update to the car originally launched in 2017 than an all-new product, but it’s given the C5 Aircross a fresh and appealing appearance that marks it out in a category where rivals tend to look much the same. The air bump bubble wraps accentuate the all-terrain appearance while also protecting the lower bodywork.
  • Citroën’’s calling card is comfort and the C5 Aircross delivers. Notably Citroën’s Advanced Comfort Seats offer just the right mix of support and relaxation. In combination with the brand’s unique suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, the C5 Aircross is one of the most comfortable cars on sale, while relaxed handling dynamics suit a passenger carrying car like this.
  • Choices of petrol, diesel and hybrid power units mean there is a C5 Aircross to meet most needs.


  • No seven seat option.
  • Citroën promise a range of up to 55km on electric power, but in practice we struggled to get more than 34 km from a full charge. So unless your daily commute is close to home, you’ll end up having to revert to petrol power fairly often.
  • The rear seats slide back and forth, but even at their most extended, legroom for adult passengers in the second row is tight.
  • Dash materials below the eye line feel distinctly cheap and plasticky compared to those higher up, lowering the overall ambiance of the cabin.


As a comfortable, practical five-seater passenger car, the C5 Aircross ticks most boxes. The facelift has given it an appealing up-to-date appearance, while it stands out from other crossover SUVs for its comfortable ride. We’d like a slightly better electric driving range but otherwise our only minor gripe is that rear legroom could be better.




Model Spec: C-Series Edition 1.6 PHEV
Price as tested: €49,700
Prices range: €39,470 to €49,700
Engine 180 hp PureTech 1.6 litre 4-cylinder petrol
Hybrid System 81.2 kW, 110 hp electric motor with 13.2 kWh battery
Combined power output  225 hp / 360 Nm of torque
Transmission  ë-EAT8 electrified 8-speed automatic, front-wheel-drive
Performance 0-100 km/h  8.2 seconds
Combined CO2 emissions  29 g/km
Stated driving range on electric power Up to 55 km
Recorded average fuel consumption during test drive 5.1 l/100km (55.36mpg)