100 Years of Kolbenschmidt Pierburg


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2009 sees 100 years of experience for one of the most distinguished OE and aftermarket suppliers; Kolbenschmidt Pierburg. Kolbenschmidt is the leading supplier of pistons and bearing to all of the leading vehicle manufacturers while Pierburg established their expertise around the humble carburettor. Carburettors where subject to ongoing change and development, but since their decline in the 1990’s Pierburg’s business has dramatically changed. Kolbenschmidt Pierburg has positioned itself as one of the biggest suppliers of injection, air and emissions systems and components. Their products range from air-mass meters, throttle bodies, EGR-Valves, fuel and vacuum pumps, vacuum switches, oil and water pumps.

Emission monitoring and controlling is the major focus for the vehicle of tomorrow. Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation (EGR-Valves) has therefore been the hot topic for the aftermarket for many years. Pierburg is the industry expert when it comes to emission components and they have the highest coverage of EGR valves, giving 98% market coverage.

Fuel delivery is a crucial part of today’s petrol injection system and they have an electronic fuel pump range giving 95% market coverage for all European applications. As European legislation pushes for lower fuel consumption, reduced levels of nitrogen oxides (Nox Gases) and above all greater energy efficiency, this places greater demands on component materials, their quality and their reliability. Pierburg’s research and innovative developments will ensure that the company remains as the preferred supplier by all of the top vehicle manufacturers.

Hella Ireland has established itself as the preferred supplier for OE electronics and petrol injection components. Pierburg’s product portfolio highly complements Hella’s OE product portfolio and Pierburg has been a partner with Hella Ireland since 2001 offering the independent garage the highest quality parts, information and expertise.