1,000 fleet managers work out cost savings with GPS tracking calculator


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1,000 fleet managers have now used an interactive calculator that shows the exact cost savings they can achieve by introducing GPS tracking to their fleet.

The free calculator, which was launched in January by leading GPS tracking company VeriLocation, can analyse the effects of improved performance in nine different areas.

They include the MPG of the fleet’s vehicles, the current price of fuel and cost of drivers.

The calculator then manipulates data to show how cost saving objectives can be easily achieved by adding GPS tracking and using it to change routing and driver behaviour.

Fleet managers can use the calculator free right now at www.verilocation.com/roi.aspx.

“The price of fuel has jumped up again and this is making fleet managers return to the cost saving plans they put in place this time last year,” said VeriLocation’s Andrew Overton.

“Ultimately the easiest way to reduce fuel costs is to plan more efficient routes and encourage drivers to drive more economically.

“This calculator shows exactly how much money can be saved, making it easier for fleet managers to justify the investment in GPS tracking. The investment typically leads to increased profits within 12 months.”

VeriLocation has been in GPS tracking and mapping since 1995.

Its VL-Fleet tracking system is famous for the huge number of ways it can analyse GPS location information, to save the business time and money.

The in-vehicle devices are designed to operate fully without any need for input from the drivers. Reports are accessed through any computer connected to the internet.

VeriLocation now tracks more than 10,000 vehicles in the UK.