2010 Dakar: race against time has begun


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A little more than two months before the start of the rally, the drivers and crews carry on preparing registration forms to take part in the second South American adventure of the Dakar. The race against time has begun, especially for the European amateurs who have to prepare their vehicles for boarding on the 25th and 26th of November at Le Havre.

Those who have had a taste want more. Those who have seen it from faraway want to be there. The memories of the 2009 Dakar for some and images seen for others often have the same effect for fanatics of motorsports and wide open spaces: the challenge of the 2010 Dakar will be an experience not to miss. The competitors from around the world have used all their energy to honour the event. Among them, the Argentineans and Chileans have been the quickest: “national” bikers and ATV riders will be three times as many as last year to play on home soil. A total of 200 bikers will be expected at the start in Buenos Aires on the 1st of January in both classes.

In cars, the crews are forced to gather a more consistent budget. The number of application forms about to be completed has instigated the organisers to extend the registration period in order to facilitate the last steps. The extension of time will allow building an impressive field with close to 150 cars in which the elite drivers will all have found a place. In the sand of the Atacama Desert, the battle promises to be fierce between De Villiers, Sainz, Al Attiyah, Gordon, Peterhansel or the likes of Chicherit.