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1-7 May


CIMG0211wReconnaissances of the OiLibya Tunisia Rally has just finished and the 2010 vintage will

be a great year! With a renewed route among various tracks, the Rally will take on some

100% brand-new stages, with at the end of each day a bivouac in friendly environment … all

the ingredients, to surprise the competitor. A Rally to discover or rediscover Tunisia and its

treasure between Tunis and Douz where, for the first time, the finish and the prize giving

ceremony will take place.

Barely coming back in our Brand New GQ in Aubagne, after ten days of reconnaissance in the

Tunisian desert, Stéphane Clair want to share his enthusiasm for a route that he wanted intense

but always accessible by the pure amateurs.

Meanwhile knowing the stages, here you’ll find somewhat to dream about …

« I had a lot of pleasure to draw this race, and I hope the competitors will have the same

satisfaction to compete. I have to confess I rediscovered Tunisia and its magical landscapes.

Indeed, a lot of things have changed … violent sand winds have modified the relief of several

areas. Three years ago, there were nothing here, but at this time the sand recovered most of the

area by one to two meters at some points … even in some unexpected spot. This restriction, allow

us to draw different stages on innovative tracks, and for those one who thought known Tunisia on

one’s finger-tips, they will be surprise by this spanking new route. In addition to those unseen

tracks, we will come back on tracks that the Rally did not followed since a while. It gives new blood

to the course.

The Rally will be take part half time in Hotels and half time in Bivouacs. Because of loops,

everybody will stay two days on each bivouac. Compare to previous years, the competitors will

notice that the liaisons has been slightly revised down, as the assistance crew who, beside the first

stage, will not have to drive more than 150km per day and will have the possibility to get to the

assistance points during the stage. You’ll note that the bivouacs and assistance points will be

accessible to all 2-wheel drive vehicles’.

The 2010 editions put forward various fields, and I will say that we will be going from WRC style

driving to pure crossing. It will be for everybody, but navigation and driving will always be the key.

The Road Book will be more accurate with more notes than usual. Some stages will not

necessarily be long but they’re will be dense. My approach for the race was that I always kept in

mind the accessibility for the novices. There will be crossing, but it never be insurmountable.

Difficulty will appear crescendo. For each of the 6 stages competitors will have to deserve it but the

course will be well adjusted! We will get through just about 50% of sand, and I think it will be

enough … for everyone! After a transit, close to El Borma, competitors will cross the Jenein Erg in

an innovative way … I wanted for the 5th day, something « chilly » to work on the last stages,

which will not be a formality.

Indeed, the Rally arrival will take place in the El Faouar palm grove, close to Douz with the timing

zone at the top of a dune … big show! Douz is an ideal city for the arrival; the conviviality will be

preserved till the end. Between Tunis and Douz, the 2010 Oilibya Tunisia Rally will let you




Saturday 1st of May:

Scrutineering in Tunis.

From Sunday 2nd of May to Friday 7th of May:

6 Days of race with 4 linear legs and 2 legs in loop.

4 nights in hotels, 4 nights in bivouac

Friday May 7th:

Finish and prize giving ceremony in Douz