New Audi Ireland Website Now LIVE


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Audi Ireland’s enhanced website follows its principle of Vorsprung durch Technik.  This new generation site offers emotional design and technical highlights and at the same time focuses on the needs of visitors and ensures intuitive navigation.

Interface and information architecture follow the example of the Audi Multi Media Interface, which has set a benchmark in the usability of complex electronics in the cars. The target-oriented navigation allows the user to concentrate fully on a specific topic of his/her interest and its related topics and at the same time the user is only one click away from his/her initial point of entry.

Information about models, offers and dealers are more easily accessible. New or improved functions such as the model finder or dealer search allow easy navigation and orientation for the website visitors.

Another key feature of the new site is its extensive multimedia content. Audi website visitors can view more than 3000 large-scale product images, animations and videos and view real-time and on demand tv programmes on Audi tv.