ACEA Competitiveness Award 2010


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…..goes to ‘Bruges’ graduate Chiodo for thesis on EU stakeholder consultation

Rossella  Chiodo,  graduate from the College of
Europe  in  Bruges,  has won this year’s ACEA Competitiveness Award for a
thesis  on  the  effectiveness  and influence of stakeholder consultation
during impact assessments of the European Commission.

“Stakeholder  consultation  is fundamental for legitimising the political
process  in  the  European Union”, Chiodo says about the topic she chose,
“not  least  when  it  comes to impact assessments.” Her findings include
that  stakeholder  consultation  on  impact  assessments  is  not used as
efficiently  as  possible,  partly due to political contention taking the
upper hand over input from stakeholders.

ACEA  Secretary  General  Ivan  Hodac congratulated the winner. “Rossella
Chiodo addresses a topic that policy makers and stakeholders deal with on
a  daily basis. Impact assessments are crucial for policy making, all the
more  when  technical  issues  are  involved,  and  relevant  stakeholder
intelligence should be fully used to achieve accurate results.”

It  is  the  fifth time that ACEA, the Brussels-based European Automobile
Manufacturers’  Association,  awards  a  College  of Europe student for a
thesis  that shows academic excellence and investigates a dimension of EU
regulation   and   industry  competitiveness  without  necessarily  being
automotive-industry specific.

The   cooperation   between   the   European   Automobile  Manufacturers’
Association  and the College in Bruges is rooted in the mutual conviction
that  close  understanding  is  essential  between  industry  & business,
academia  and the EU institutions, many of which recruit from the College
of  Europe.  European  integration  is still work in progress. Continuous
interaction  between  society’s decision makers is of utmost significance
to  preserve what has grown and draft effective regulation while avoiding
unnecessary bureaucracy.

Before  her  master’s degree in European political studies at the College
of Europe, Chiodo was a researcher at the Institute for Political Studies
in Milan and obtained degrees in international studies and sociology.