European Automobile Industry Report 09/10 – An extensive overview of European automotive policy issues and priorities


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Brussels,   19   May   2009  –  The  European  Automobile  Manufacturers’
Association  ACEA has published, today, the ‘European Automobile Industry
Report  09/10’ and the accompanying leaflet ‘Automobile & Society – State
of Affairs, Priorities of the Future’.

In  its  dialogue  with  policy  makers, the European automobile industry
focuses  on  four  main areas: environment, mobility, market and economy,
and  the  regulatory  framework. “The commitment to solutions that tackle
issues  like  climate  change and road safety remains at the heart of all
manufacturers’  strategies”,  write ACEA President Carlos Ghosn (Chairman
and  CEO Renault) and Secretary General Ivan Hodac in the foreword of the
Industry Report. “However, innovation relies on a vibrant and competitive
sector.  A  supportive  EU policy framework, in crisis and in more normal
times, boosts an industry that is vital to Europe’s economic well-being.”

The  automotive  industry  is  a  sector  of great strength and forms the
backbone  of  the manufacturing industry in Europe. 2009 and 2010 will be
crucial  years  as  the  global  economy  has  to overcome a gripping and
damaging  recession.  The  degree  to which the automotive sector will be
prepared  for  future  growth  will depend in large part on the decisions
taken by legislators today.

The  automobile  sector is one of the most regulated industries in Europe
and while legislation helps set common rules and standards, ensuring fair
market  conditions, unnecessary complexity and costs must be avoided. The
regulatory  framework  should  strengthen the sector’s competitiveness to
enable the industry to continue contributing to economic growth, boosting
mobility  for  millions  and  delivering  the  products that bolster road
transport on its journey to a more sustainable future.