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World Cup survey shows France are the new ‘old enemy’

Irish Fans Favour Spain to Win but Davy Keogh Says No!

11 June 2010 – A survey conducted by Continental Tyres, Official Sponsor of the FIFA 2010 World Cup™, has found that almost two thirds of Irish people are hoping that France do badly in this summer’s tournament. With more than one in ten of respondents signalling that they intend to support England, it seems that our Gallic cousins have overtaken our nearest neighbours as the ‘old enemy’ of Irish sport.

Spain, on the other hand, is the team we most want to win the 2010 World Cup. Some 28.4% of survey respondents said they will be supporting the current European champions, with England (12.6%) a surprising runner-up in the support stakes. Argentina (15.1%), Brazil (8.8%) and the Netherlands (5.7%) finish out the list of Irish fans’ top five favourite teams.

When asked ‘Which team will you be hoping fares badly?’ nearly two thirds (62%) chose France – a legacy, undoubtedly, of that fateful night in Paris last November. Just over a quarter (27%) of those surveyed said they hoped England do badly this summer, indicating, perhaps, that our traditional reluctance to support England is on the way out.

Continental Tyres put the results of its World Cup survey to none other than Davy Keogh – he of the famous ‘Davy Keogh Says Hello’ banner – and asked Ireland’s unofficial number one supporter for his views on the upcoming tournament.

“It looks like most people will be supporting Spain but I have a feeling it could be Argentina’s year,” he said. “They have more firepower in attack, especially when you look at players like Messi, Aguero, Milito and Tevez, and I think coach Diego Maradona could be their X factor.” Said Davy.

Commenting on the World Cup survey, Paddy Murphy of Continental Tyres said: “It’s just a bit of fun really, but some of the results are certainly interesting! Who’d have thought that almost 13% of us will be supporting England outright this summer? Or that if the final was England v France, 57% of us would be up for England?

“When all the predictions are said and done, I think most people are just looking forward to a memorable tournament with lots of attacking football and loads of goals,” said Mr Murphy. “And let’s hope, as our survey suggests, that in four years time we’re in Brazil getting ready to play our part.”