Another €0.8M wasted as Dempsey fails his own breathalyser test – McEntee


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Taxpayers  will  have  to  fork  out €800,000 for new breathalyser machines

because  Transport  Minister  Noel Dempsey never checked to see if existing

machines  can measure new legal alcohol limits, according to Fine Gael Road

Safety Spokesman Shane McEntee TD.

“Noel  Dempsey  has  failed  his  own  breathalyser  test.  It’s typical of

Minister  Dempsey  to  leap  before  he looks, and bring in new legislation

without  checking  whether  it  can be implemented. And it’s typical of the

lack   of   joined-up   thinking  within  Fianna  Fáil  to  have  purchased

breathalyser   machines   which  cannot  be  easily  recalibrated,  leaving

taxpayers to pick up the tab.

“Fine  Gael  has welcomed the Road Traffic Bill, which includes new alcohol

measures that Fine Gael has been seeking for many years. These new measures

will  save  lives. But it beggars belief that neither Minister Dempsey, nor

anyone in his Government, thought to estimate the cost to taxpayers.”