Audi Flagship Model, the new A8, is Unveiled


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As part of the launch event, Audi Ireland officially unveiled its new A8 flagship saloon, the spearhead of technological progress for the brand. Clearly different from the other more traditional products in this segment, the design is not only striking and powerful but is the most aerodynamically efficient design in its segment achieving a drag co-efficient of 0.26.

The unmistakable full LED headlights are the strongest outward signal of the innovation in lighting technology in the A8. Not only are the LED units a stunning design feature, they use only 40 watts of power per unit and without any moving parts they will last the lifetime of the vehicle. It is also an important technological breakthrough for Audi to have networked the lighting control unit with the MMI Navigation plus for safety and efficiency.

27 years ago, Audi brought aluminium into series production vehicles where today still heavier steel vehicles are the norm. With the 5th generation of our Aluminium Space Frame technology Audi continues to have the lightest chassis in the segment and the body of the new A8 is at 231 kg, approximately 40% lighter than a comparable steel body.

The new engines in the new A8 are not only quiet, responsive and powerful they are stunningly more efficient consuming up to 22% less fuel than their predecessors. The incredible 4.2TDI engine featured in this model has 24 more brake horsepower, 150 NM more torque and consumes an incredible 19% less fuel. The A8 4.2TDI can travel over 1,100km on one tank of fuel.