BMW named Ireland’s most reputable automobile manufacturer.


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RepTrak 2010 survey reveals best corporate reputations.

Dublin: BMW was named Ireland’s most reputable car brand, and the third most reputable company overall, in the RepTrak 2010 Corporate Reputation study, which was revealed yesterday.

BMW scored 81.13 from a possible 100 points. Only Google (82.19) and Kellogg’s (81.97) achieved a higher rating.

The luxury carmaker scored particularly well in the key areas of ‘Product/Services’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Performance’.

The Ireland RepTrak 2010, which ranked the reputations of some of the largest and most high profile firms in Ireland, is the most comprehensive study of corporate reputation ever undertaken in Ireland. The study measured companies’ reputations based on consumer trust, admiration, esteem and good feeling about the company, while also gauging perceptions across seven rational dimensions of reputation.

“The high rankings of organizations like Google, Kellogg’s and BMW means they are four times more likely to gain recommendations, get the benefit of the doubt in a crisis and be spoken about in a positive light than those ranked at the bottom of the list.” said Niamh Boyle, Managing Director, Corporate Reputations.

BMW Group Ireland, Managing Director John Ives said the BMW brand has long been synonymous with quality and the pursuit of excellence.

“Our reputation is built on every touch-point with the brand being a premium experience, from the performance of our cars through to the way we conduct ourselves as corporate citizens,” said Mr Ives.

“And we believe every aspect of owning a BMW should be as enjoyable and rewarding as the drive itself,” he said.

Last year, US researcher Millward Brown’s BrandZ Top 100 survey named BMW “the most valuable German brand”, estimating the brand’s worth at US$24 billion.