Bridgestone unveils ECOPIA EP150 eco-friendly tyre


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  • New low rolling resistance tyre combines high-level wet safety with lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Bridgestone has revealed its new eco-friendly tyre, the ECOPIA EP150, at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany. The tyre meets the previously contradictory objective of combining wet safety with reduced rolling resistance, leading to higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Bridgestone has accomplished this breakthrough through the development of materials technology called NanoPro-TechTM combined with a new tread design. NanoPro-TechTM produces a lower rolling resistance coefficient by reducing energy loss in the top compound during rotation. The new tread design features a connected block and thin rib, which enhances contact pressure and wet braking performance.

ECOPIA EP150 has a 15% improved rolling resistance (versus current Bridgestone products in the same dimensions) which makes it, on average, 3% more fuel efficient and achieves a reduction of 3% in CO2 output.

The ECOPIA EP150 will be introduced as an integrated replacement and original equipment product during 2010, targeting compacts and mid-sized passenger cars with 14” to 16” rim sizes in 55 to 70 series.

ECOPIA is Bridgestone’s flagship brand that contributes to the prevention of global warming by helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through higher vehicle energy efficiency. This is achieved by reducing rolling resistance and/or saving resources while maintaining various performances required of tyres, especially high-level safety performance.

In Japan, ECOPIA tyres were first used on electric-powered cars in 1991, setting the stage for the ECOPIA M881 and ECOPIA R221 series of tyres for trucks and buses, which were released in the replacement market in 2002. Bridgestone Japan launched the ECOPIA M812 tyre for light trucks in 2005, followed by the ECOPIA EP100 for passenger cars in April 2008.

In Europe, the ECOPIA brand appeared for the first time in 1999 when the ECOPIA B381 was fitted to the VW 3L Lupo, followed by the Audi A2. In 2008, the Toyota IQ city car left the factory on ECOPIA EP25 tyres.

Bridgestone introduced the range of eco-friendly premium Turanza ER300 ECOPIA tyres in Europe in April 2009. The tyre has also been fitted to some car models as original equipment. With the ECOPIA EP150, Bridgestone will bring the safety and ecology benefits of ECOPIA to small and medium-sized vehicle users.