CaCarrick-on-Suir Motor Cub Wm. Loughman Forestry Rally 2010


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Carrick-on-Suir Motor club, one of the most competitor friendly clubs in the country in their 52nd year is as creative and helpful as ever.

During a recent Carrick-on-Suir Motor club meeting a proposal was put forward to encourage and help competitors for their 2010 events

Carrick on Suir Motor Club 2010 Event Incentive Plan

· Carrick-on-Suir MC is delighted to announce that Mick Bracken from On the Limit Sports will cover the Wm. Loughman Forestry Rally for TV plus DVD’s of the Rally will also be made available.

· All Entries for the Forest Rally received and paid by the closing date 26/02/10 will be entered into a draw for the following prizes.

1st prize = Full Forestry entry refund.

2nd prize = Free Entry for the 2010 Ravens Rock Rally.

3rd prize = Free Entry for the inaugural C.O.S MC Halloween Historic Stages Rally.

4th prize = €125.00 refund on the Forestry entry.

5th prize = €100.00 refund on the Forestry entry.

6th prize = Bed and breakfast for 2 people Saturday 6/02/10 in Carrick-on-Suir.

7th prize = Free Carrick-on-Suir club Membership for 2011 for both Driver and Navigator.

· Special Introductory Entry Fee of €400 for those drivers young and not so young who have never competed in a forestry event before.

Whilst the closing date for the Forest Rally is 26/02/10 the club will however accept entries after this date but they will not be included in the draw.

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