Car Market Down 62.1% in 2009 – SIMI


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Figures issued by SIMI show that new car sales for the month of December at 304 are up  61.7% on the same month last year (188).  The year end (January to December) total at 57,460 is 62.1% down on the same period last year (151,607).

Commenting on the figures, SIMI Director General Alan Nolan said, “2009 was undoubtedly one of the toughest trading years in the history of the Motor Industry, with many businesses forced to close their doors. However, looking ahead, the introduction of a Scrappage Scheme will provide a much needed boost to the industry. While it is too early at this stage to see the effect Scrappage will have on 2010 new car registrations,  dealers across the country are reporting increased footfall in their showrooms and very strong interest in the scheme. With most distributors adding to the €1,500 VRT refund considerably, there really are fantastic offers available at the moment. History has shown us that a Scrappage scheme not only boosts trade within the Motor Industry but also has a positive knock on effect on the wider economy. This is the stimulus needed to breathe fresh air back into the Motor Industry.”

SIMI Press Officer Suzanne Sheridan added, “We can already see a shift in consumer’s purchasing decisions. Low emission cars (categories A and B) accounted for 55% of total new car sales in 2009, up from 27% on the previous year. With this environmentally-focused Scrappage scheme, we expect a further reduction in our overall CO2 emissions. Consumers should shop around for the best deals available in the A and B category cars.”

Imported Used Car registrations for December, at 2,006, were down 26.4% on the December 2008 (2,725) and for the year end at 50,604, imported used cars are 20.4% down on last year (63,559).

Light Commercial Vehicle registrations for December 2009 (161) are up 78.9% on last year’s figures (90), the year to date figure at 9,267 is 69.1% down on the end of last year (29,961). HGV registrations (19) are up 18.8% compared to December 2008 (16) and down 69.7% for the year (1,103) compared to the same period last year (3,634).