Recession could be driving down fleet carbon levels faster than dedicated green policies, says CFC


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Cost cutting measures brought about by the recession could be driving down fleet carbon levels faster than the specialist environmental policies introduced in recent years, says CFC Solutions.

The fleet software market leader says that moves to reduce running costs by bringing about a greater level of control over company cars and vans are having a noticeably positive impact on CO2 outputs.

Neville Briggs, Managing Director at CFC, said: “Our software has included a CO2 report module for some time, so we are able to look at historical data in this area and track trends over recent years.

“What we have seen in the last 12 months is that the changes fleets have made in response to the recession have had a beneficial effect on the environmental impact of fleets, although the extent is not yet clear.

“Certainly, however, we can say that recent changes made to fleet policies in the name of cost cutting appear to be having more of a positive effect on carbon footprints than most specific green corporate policies that we have seen.”

Briggs pointed out that many of the changes that were needed on fleets to bring about improved CO2 performance have been possible by the changing managerial culture of the recession.

He explained: “When the economy was strong and attracting the best staff was difficult, it was difficult to say no to your sales team if they all wanted heavy 4x4s or larger engined vehicles.

“Today, putting policies in place that prohibit having those types of vehicles on your fleet is easily justified on cost grounds – they use a lot more fuel than a comparable saloon or hatch and, of course, produce much less CO2.”

Similar effects were being seen in other areas of fleet operations, Briggs added, again with measures designed to drive down costs bringing with them a range of environmental benefits.

He said: “Better journey planning, more car sharing and closer monitoring of how driving styles impact on fuel economy are now occurring on many fleets. They are being pursued on cost grounds but they all have genuine green benefits.”

“This is an easy win for fleets. If your cars and vans are completing journeys more quickly and hitting less congestion, then you are spending less on fuel and your carbon output will also be lower.”


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