Changes to Irish Tarmac Rally Championship 2010


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The Tarmac Rally Organisers Association (TROA) have announced a number of changes to the format the 2010 Irish Tarmac Championship.

In light of the current economic conditions the 2010 Championship will consist of six rounds:-Galway 5/7 February, Circuit of Ireland 2/4April, Killarney Lakes1/2 May, Donegal 18/20 June, Ulster 20/21August and the Cork 20,  2/3 October.

The Championship will adopt the FIA R1-R4 class structure with an additional class catering for World Rally Cars (WRCs). It was also agreed that with effect from 1st January 2012 that WRCs would no longer be eligible to score overall Championship Points.

50% bonus points will be introduced on the final round, the Cork 20, for both the Historic and modified sections. In addition following the introduction this year of a successful “Modified Challenge”, additional class awards will be made available in the modified section in 2010.

The TROA are committed to implement a phased introduction of new structures in line with the FIA Regional Rally Sporting Regulations by 1st January 2012.

The Isle of Man International and Jim Clark Rallies, remain full members of the TROA. The number of counting rounds for the 2011 Championship will be reviewed in the light of the introduction of these new structures.