Citroen DS3 Racing


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With five Manufacturers’ titles in the WRC World Rally Championship and six Drivers/Co-Drivers’ titles for Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena, Citroën has carved its name in the annals of motorsport history. Today, the Marque is continuing the adventure with the DS3 Racing.

The engineers at Citroën Racing took the DS3 and remodelled it to reflect the image of the brand’s motor sports department. The DS3 Racing will go on sale in a limited series of 1,000 examples in second-half 2010.

The DS3 Racing, 3.94 m long, exudes sporting performance. It retains the styling cues of the DS3, along with a range of other attributes that are 100% Racing, including a carbon splitter at the front, a special low waistline and flared wings, and large 18-inch wheels. The DS3 Racing reaps the benefits of aerodynamic studies on sporting vehicles, as illustrated by the air diffuser, designed to maintain vehicle stability at high speeds.

The cabin also gains a special design, creating a luxurious, elegant and original atmosphere for passengers. The use of carbon adds an elegant touch to the central dashboard fascia, steering wheel trim, door armrests and the mountings of the binnacle hood. The special seats carry the signature of Citroën Racing.

Performance is a priority for the DS3 Racing. Developed by Citroën Racing, the engine reaps the full benefits of the Marque’s expertise. Engineers worked on the 1.6 litre THP 150 engine, increasing horsepower from 156 to 200 bhp. Torque is also more generous with plenty of power available over a wide rev range, for a responsive, enjoyable drive. And the engine unit has been remapped to get the most out of this lively, powerful engine.

The chassis and running gear are the result of high-precision development studies: front and rear tracks 30 mm wider, body15 mm lower, with special shock absorbers and springs, etc. The steering has also gained in precision, and is tailored to the sporting characteristics of the DS3 Racing, with modified control patterns and new tyres. In consequence, the DS3 Racing has all the qualities necessary to set the standard for road manners in its segment.

Keeping all this power on a leash, the braking system also has a motor sports specification, to boost endurance and performance. And the ESP is specially programmed for a lively, sporting drive. It can be deactivated, if the driver wishes.