New “Auto Europe Car Rental Roadmap” Launches


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Who knows their PAI from their liability or excess insurance, and what is
SCDW and do you need it? Do you understand what car hire prices are made of
and how to accurately compare different suppliers? What, if any, extra costs
should you anticipate? Do you know what to do in the event of an accident and
how you should go about ensuring you’ll be able to claim on your hire car
insurance? And can you be certain you got the right insurance in the first

If you’d like the answers to any of these questions then the all new
“Auto Europe Car Rental Roadmap” is for you! Designed to take the confusion
out of car hire the guide is free to view or download at, find it under the ‘Specials’ on the homepage
(or directly at

This new step-by-step guide to hiring a car will help you understand:

– Where to look and how to book
– Which vehicle will be best for your trip
– How car hire pricing works
– How to read Auto Europe booking vouchers
– What standard car hire insurance does and does not cover
– Additional insurance options and if you need them
– What to expect when you collect and return your car
– Industry acronyms and jargon in plain English

Whether you’re thinking of renting for the first time, or just want to
understand more about a particular aspect of car hire, the Car Rental Roadmap
is essential reading for anyone looking for affordable and trouble-free car
hire. You can read it from cover to cover or just dip in to the sections of
interest to you.

Auto Europe’s Commercial Director for the UK and Ireland, Peter McAree,
explains: “Car hire is usually a fairly easy and relatively straightforward
way to enjoy independence whilst travelling. Sometimes this is not always the
case and, here at Auto Europe, we’ve noticed that some of the difficulties
our customers have experienced could have been avoided. That’s why we’ve
produced this guide which explains what to do on each step of your car hire