CSO figures for January 2010 – FORD


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Statement from Eddie Murphy, Chairman & Managing Director of Ford Ireland, in relation to CSO figures for January 2010 car market in Ireland

Cork, Thursday, 11 February 2010 – “Car registrations were actually up by 5% last month, but the bad weather and the strength of the month end period meant that many cars were late in being taxed or were taxed in early February, which explains the drop in the CSO figures”.

“The scrappage scheme is definitely arousing interest among prospective buyers.  Aside from solid orders, we’ve seen a strong level of enquiries which should bear fruit this month and next”.

Ford, with 15.9% of the car market was market leader for January, ahead of Toyota (12.5%) and VW (10.9%).  The scrappage scheme helped the Ford Fiesta to become the best-selling car in Ireland last month, ahead of the Ford Focus which took the no. 2 spot”.