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A one-of-a-kind event, the Dakar benefits from a very important media exposure. The splendour of the landscapes travelled through linked to the experiences lived by the competitors, produces a savourous mixture for the TV viewers, listeners and readers.

Here are the numbers to remind about the medias :
–          – 190 countries across the World will broadcast images from the rally ! It represented 1130 hours of programs in 2009.
–          – 6 to 7 hours daily of transmission including 2 hours live made by 200 persons on site (journalists, editors, cameramen…)

–          – 230 journalists on site following the entire rally (written press, agencies, radios, photos, web…)

And in the new media, the Dakar it’s also :
–          – www.dakar.com, the official website, in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish and Chinese), with a live, interviews, and daily videos…
–          – 60 websites will use the official content of the Dakar in 46 countries
–          – 53 million pages viewed and 2,7 million visitors during the race in 2009
–          – Images from the Dakar will be available on mobile phone in 20 countries
–          – A new online game never seen before : « Virtual Dakar »
–          – An official Dakar game on mobile phone in 80 countries