Dakar Rally 2010 – Route Details


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image002-1 The organisers has unveiled the stage cities of the 2010 Dakar that will be welcomed for the second consecutive year by Argentina and by Chile. The two countries have decided to start the year of the festivities of the bicentennial of their independence with the Dakar that will precisely take off from Buenos Aires on the 1st of January for an 8600km journey (around 5200kms of specials). The 2010 course, designed in an anti clockwise loop, will rapidly set to the north: the first act will value the competitors more suited to hard soil. After crossing the Andes, the stay of the rally in Chile will be mainly focused on a wide discovery of the Atacama Desert, with five sand stages, almost no liaisons and a journey all the way to the city of Iquique. The return trip towards the Argentinean capital will allow appreciating the diversity of mountains and territories of the continent: in this third act, the terrains offered will finish off testing the resistance of the competitors and the vehicles.

On this ideal theatre for an eventful confrontation, the new regulations set up will contribute in putting talent forward. In the car race, the augmentation of the air intake flage for the petrol vehicles will normally give the best amateurs the means to compete with the diesel technology that has had better results these last few years. On two wheels the measure was expected by many for a long time, indeed only bikes with engines of under 450cc will be accepted on the race for 2011. For 2010, an adjustment is kept for the amateurs owning 660cc allowing them to compete with a bridle. The professionals will compete on 450cc as soon as the next Dakar.

The registration period and selection of dossiers, started last 15th of May, will carry on until the end of the month of July. The teams of the Dakar have wished to maintain the tariffs at the same level as for the 2009 and 2008, despite the maritime liaisons that are financially a lot heavier for the organisation.

Discover the course of the 2010 Dakar and all the information at www.dakar.com