Driver training to gain from FTA’s ‘community service’


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Driver CPC Community is a new initiative from the Freight Transport Association (FTA) that will effectively remove much of the disruption caused from sending drivers to distant training venues, improving peace of mind and value for money along the way.

Selected FTA members will host Driver CPC modules at their own premises, delivered by the FTA training team. These courses will be attended by their own drivers with any additional spaces offered to companies most appropriate for that location.

Nic Allen’s, FTA’s General Manager for Training, said:

“Driver CPC Community will not only make meeting one’s training commitments infinitely more practical but it will minimise the disruption caused from having to send drivers halfway across the country for the right course. With this hassle-free solution, FTA is proving that Driver CPC commitments don’t have to mean sleepless nights.”

Driver CPC Community is a realistic solution for logistics providers. Companies looking to benefit from the availability of training venues courtesy of nearby ‘hosts’ simply complete a form setting out their preferred dates and the maximum time they will permit for their drivers to travel to a course – FTA does the rest. Crucially, the ‘community’ process will bring greater flexibility in terms of delegate attendance numbers per course.

Allen concluded:

“We already know that meeting mandatory training commitments is a source of major anxiety for many companies – Driver CPC Community is all about providing logistics operators with peace of mind, a quality service and a substantial saving in time and money.

“Driver CPC Community is a fully flexible product that will reach all of our customers wherever they are based and is another example of innovation from a decidedly ‘can do’ and customer-focused sector.”

To register to join Driver CPC Community call 00448717 112222.