Dublin Charity Eco-Drive Challenge achieves 87 MPG


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Ford Focus Charity ECO-DRive Achieves nearly 90MPG

Winner highlights engine revs as key to maximising fuel economy

A Wexford to Dublin Charity Eco-Drive Challenge has been won by a driver who achieved a fuel economy figure of 87 MPG while driving a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi Style.

Organised in December by Ger Boland and Enda Newport from Ford dealer Boland’s of Ferrybank, Wexford, the Charity Eco-Drive Challenge saw six drivers tasked with driving from Wexford to Dublin (Stillorgan Park Hotel) and back to Wexford using as little fuel as possible. 

Each driver’s fuel consumption was analysed and from the six drivers, Michael Forde of Curracloe, Co. Wexford, came out on top with the most economic result of 87 MPG for the round trip.  Among the six participants, the range of fuel consumption figures achieved went from Michael’s 87 MPG to 64 MPG.

To ensure fair play, each of the six participants drove the same route in identical Focus 1.6 TDCi models of the same age and similar mileage.  The winning driver was given the option of nominating a charity to receive a donation of €1,000.  The Wexford Women’s Refuge was nominated by Michael to receive an early Christmas present of a €1,000 cheque.

Speaking about his strategy for the Challenge, Michael Forde said: “I wasn’t too concerned about maintaining a steady speed, the secret to eco-driving is engine revs.  So long as I could keep the engine revs in the range of approximately 1500 to 1800, I knew that I would end up with a very respectable fuel consumption figure”.

Michael also highlighted tyre pressure as being another important element: “Most motorists don’t realise it but incorrect pressure settings, mean more fuel used”.

Ger Boland who organised the Charity Eco-Drive Challenge said: “We were surprised at how well each of our participants fared. It is really a testament to the fuel economy of the Focus 1.6 diesel – it is not hard to see why the Focus has been Ireland’s favourite car for the last number of years”.

The Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi Style with alloy wheels, air conditioning, fog lights and Blutooth, is available for €21,750.