3,700 green jobs – the Green Economy in action


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“Shortening the dole queues and helping the environment at the same time” – Minister Ryan

Energy Minister Eamon Ryan welcomed ESB’s announcement of 3,700 jobs in the green economy. 

The jobs are in the areas of smart meters, smart networks, electric vehicles, wind energy, home insulation and green technology.
“Since taking office, this Government has worked on ensuring Ireland is a global leader in the green economy. We know that initiatives such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and green technology bring with them the possibility of jobs as well as securing our energy future.

electric_wToday shows that we have moved beyond plans and possibility. We are delivering. The green economy can help bring Ireland out of our current economic difficulties and plot the path to sustainable jobs into the future. Today shows us these jobs in operation on the ground, the green economy in action, our plans brought to fruition.

I commend the ESB, as one of Ireland’s finest semi-state companies, for stepping up to the plate at this crucial time.

This Government has set a new direction for energy policy in Ireland. Our sustainable energy plans will transform electricity generation, motoring in Ireland and how we heat our homes. These plans bring with them thousands of jobs we need at this time. Today we are stimulating the economy, shortening the dole queues and helping the environment at the same time.

Our economy needs new vision at this time. As important as the plan is putting it into action. Today shows what we can do, as Government and as semi-state when we work together.

Today is a real and welcome kick start for the green economy. Our goals are real and realisable and today proves this. There is much more to come”.

New Jobs

Smart Networks                                                    750

Smart Metering                                                     750

Electric Vehicles                                                    600

Wind Energy                                                         300

Property Construction                                           550

New technologies (Eco Fund)                               350

Energy service (Home Insulation)                         250

Others (Telecoms, Biomass, Green Fleet)           150