Electric Vehicles


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According to David Mullen, Managing Director, Electric Vehicles Ireland, “There has never been a better time to buy electric vehicles for a number of reasons –

· Save up to 80% on your fleet fuel bills

· Improve air quality and fight climate change

· Show customers your environmental credentials

· Take the stress out of your drivers’ working day

“All this AND a 100% tax write down in the first year of ownership! Under the Irish Government’s new Accelerated Capital Allowance programme, your business can write off 100% of the capital cost of an electric vehicle against tax – in the first year of purchase!”

Five Good Reasons to Buy Electric Vehicles

1. Fuel bills – the cost of “fuel” for electric vehicles can be as much as 83% lower than the equivalent diesel vehicle.

2. Zero exhaust emissions – no harmful air pollutants. One battery-electric van can save over 12,000kg in CO2 emissions each year.

3. Maintenance costs – with only four moving parts in the electric drive train, compared to over 1,000 in a diesel drive line, there is a lot less to go wrong! Regenerative braking also reduces wear and tear on brakes, while returning power to the batteries

4. Driver satisfaction – no cab vibration, no engine noise, no diesel fumes, no gear changes! Take the stress out of your driver’s working day

5. Customer appreciation – your commitment to electric vehicles demonstrates to customers that you are fighting climate change and improving local air quality

Electric Vehicles Ireland is the exclusive national distributor for the market-leading Smith Electric Vehicles range. Powered by the latest lithium-ion battery technology, Smith vehicles have a top speed of 80km/h and can achieve a range in excess of 160km on a full charge.

Smith provides a full range of panel vans and chassis cabs based on the Ford Transit; available in 3.5t and 4.6t GVW. For larger applications, Smith also produces 7.5t, 10t & 12t vehicles based on one of Ireland’s most successful brands, the Avia D-Line truck range.

Also, Electric Vehicles Ireland is the full service distributor for Smith. “Not only will we provide you with the expertise to make the right electric vehicle choice for your business, but we can also meet all your needs for vehicle service and product support,” added David.