Ford Focus RS in the 2010 Nürburgring 24-hour race


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· A group of students from Cologne University of Applied Science will prepare and enter a Ford Focus RS in the 2010 Nürburgring 24-hour race, on May 15 and 16. The Focus RS will be provided by Ford.

· The team will enter under the name Team FH Koeln Motorsport.

· Ford supports an Automotive Engineering course at the university, guaranteeing high-quality education for young engineers and scientists.

· The drivers will be announced closer to the event.

Ford is supporting the motorsports team from Cologne University of Applied Science at this year’s 24-hour race at the legendary Nürburgring circuit in Germany, on May 15 – 16.

For the 2010 event, a group of Automotive Engineering students at Cologne University are developing a race contender based on a 305PS Ford Focus RS supplied by Ford. It will be driven in the race by a team of four drivers, which will be announced closer to the event.

Under the guidance of graduate engineer Professor Frank Herman, 20 students are busy preparing the Ford Focus RS for the race. The students have a long list of items on their ‘to do list’, including managing the integration of required safety features like the roll cage, 6-point safety belt, fire extinguisher and racing Recaro bucket seat.

They are also handling the installation of the KW race suspension, the race braking system by TRW, the Bastuck catalyst and exhaust system, a safety fuel tank and the hydraulic on-board car jack for quick pit stops.

Through this co-operation, Ford is broadening further its engagement with academic institutions to support the education of young engineers, some of whom may go on to work with Ford.

Ford Focus RS / 24-hour Nürburgring event

The second-generation Ford Focus RS is the most powerful volume production road car in the history of Ford of Europe to date. It marks a new milestone for the legendary Ford RS brand that has existed for more than 40 years. With its powerful 305PS Ford Duratec RS engine, outstanding dynamics, performance figures and handling, the road-going Ford Focus RS is able to match competitors that are far more exotic – in everyday life as well as on racing circuits like the unique 20.80km ‘Nordschleife’ circuit at Germany’s famous Nürburgring. The organisers of the event expect more than 200,000 fans to attend.