Gallagher returns to F1 with Cosworth


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Status  Grand  Prix  Limited,  the  team  responsible  for  securing  A1  Team Ireland’s  victory  in  the  2008/09  A1GP  World  Cup  of  Motorsport,  wishes  to  announce  that Managing Director and Team Principal, Mark Gallagher, is stepping down from his management duties to join Cosworth Ltd where he will lead its Formula One™ Business Unit.

Mark was a co-founder of Status Grand Prix when it acquired the Irish franchise for A1GP in 2005 and  will  remain  a  shareholder  and  Director  alongside  Teddy  Yip,  John  Hynes  and  David Kennedy.Mark  Gallagher  said;  “The  last  four  years  have  been  challenging  and  rewarding  in  equal measure, particularly as they culminated in us winning the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport™ title for Ireland which was both a personal ambition as well as a team goal.  I would like to thank my partners, all of those who have worked for me directly over the last four years and of course the excellent drivers who have raced for Status Grand Prix and Team Ireland during this time. The opportunity to lead Cosworth’s Formula One operation is a terrific challenge and one that I relish.”Principal shareholder, Teddy Yip, said I would like to thank Mark on behalf of the team for his tireless work over the last four years and wish him every success with Cosworth in Formula One.  We  have  already  put  in  place  an  initial  plan  for  our  future  race  team  operations,  including  in A1GP,  as  we  are  an  ambitious  team  and  keen  to  achieve  further  successes.  There  are  also exciting opportunities that we are actively considering in the USA for Status Grand Prix in 2009. Mark’s departure means a new structure in terms of day-to-day management and we will make further announcements in due course.”Aside  from  owning  and  operating  the  Irish  franchise  in  A1GP,  Status  Grand  Prix  successfully operated A1 Team Canada to race winning success in 2007/08 and provided engineering support to A1 Team Netherlands in 2008/09.  In the past, the team has also participated in FIA GT and the  Le  Mans  24  Hours.  A1GP  and  sports  cars  will  feature  in  its  future  planning  as  well  as  a possible move to other senior single-seater categories