Goodyear introduces EfficientGrip:


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Less fuel and less CO2 thanks to unique ‘FuelSaving Technology’

……………………………………………………the more environmentally friendly tyre for less fuel consumption and more mileage

Goodyear, one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers, introduces EfficientGrip with FuelSaving Technology – a brand-new more environmentally friendly high-performance tyre that delivers important fuel savings while offering high mileage and excellent wet braking performance levels.

Tests by Goodyear’s tyre evaluation department in Luxembourg show that the new Goodyear EfficientGrip provides:

  1. 15% better rolling resistance
  2. 3% shorter braking distance on wet
  3. 3% better wet handling

Additionally, extensive long-term tread wear tests show extremely positive results for the tyre’s mileage potential: A car equipped with the new Goodyear EfficientGrip can drive up to

4. 25 percent more kilometers,

which is another significant benefit for consumers and more friendly towards the environment.

Low rolling resistance is the key performance indicator when aiming for lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,” explained Jean-Pierre Jeusette, Goodyear’s Director Tyre Technology Consumer Tyres for Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Our customer benefit goals were very ambitious and we have achieved them by using advanced materials and the latest developments in manufacturing techniques: thanks to Goodyear’s new FuelSaving Technology we are now able to present an environmentally friendlier tyre with very low rolling resistance levels and high mileage potential that at the same time fulfills Goodyear’s strict requirements for important performance areas such as wet handling and wet braking,” said Jeusette.

Revolutionary FuelSaving Technology

Goodyear EfficientGrip is the first tyre that features the company’s innovative FuelSaving Technology. The term ‘FuelSaving Technology’ comprises several technological advances that directly affect the tyre’s rolling resistance: a special light-weight tyre structure, a patented ‘CoolCushion Layer’ and advanced compound materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. Together these various elements reduce the mount of energy required to make the tyre roll, which reduces the car’s fuel consumption and hence its CO2 emissions.

Light weight tyre structure

Using new materials and an efficient structure, the tyre’s weight has been reduced by about 10%[3]. Less material with less heat generation leads to reduced rolling resistance levels. Compared to its predecessor, the EfficientGrip features a lower polyester ply end and a sidewall using less material, which contributes to the lower weight as well as to reduced rolling resistance.

Patented CoolCushion Layer

A new thermo-plastic ingredient used as a reinforcing agent replaces partially carbon black for less weight and less heat generation, resulting in a further decrease of the tyre’s rolling resistance.

Advanced compound materials

The various compounds used in a tyre significantly contribute to its performance; they are the result of intensive research and development by highly skilled compound engineers and material specialists and are probably one of the best kept secrets of each premium tyre. For the EfficientGrip we not only use the latest generation of polymers: through the usage of advanced reinforcement and linking agents in the EfficientGrip’s various compounds, the energy dissipation capability of the components has been greatly improved, reducing the tyre’s rolling resistance,” explained Jeusette.

Goodyear EfficientGrip:
major benefits for consumers and more friendly towards the environment

Save energy and money

Goodyear developed the revolutionary EfficientGrip tyre to meet consumer’s growing demand for less costly driving. A car equipped with the new Goodyear EfficientGrip will consume less fuel thanks to Goodyear’s unique FuelSaving Technology.

More environmentally-friendly

EfficientGrip offers additional environmental improvements beyond its fuel consumption benefits and the reduced CO2 emissions. The silica tread compound uses the latest generation of polymers and, inline with the European legislation, does not contain any highly aromatic oils. The new EfficientGrip is ten percent lighter than its predecessor and due to the fact that less material is used in the tyre itself, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced during production. Less material for the tyre production combined with the fact that fewer tyres are needed to achieve a given mileage, ultimately leads to less material to be recycled at the end of the tyre’s life.

Confident driving – even on wet

Research has shown that consumers want tyres that provide very high levels of safety (76%)[4], especially on wet roads. While being more friendly towards the environment, the EfficientGrip does not compromise on wet performance and still delivers excellent wet braking and handling performance results.

EfficientGrip is equipped with a set of four wide circumferential grooves, whose shape and positioning have been improved to better disperse water and increase the tyre’s aquaplaning resistance. The rearrangement of the blades, as well as the high number of biting edges, provides more grip on wet roads for excellent braking and handling performance.

The EfficientGrip’s improved tread compound microstructure further contributes to the tyre’s increased grip on wet and rainy roads.

Improved mileage

The EfficientGrip’s innovative silica tread compound uses the latest generation of polymers for improved mileage. The tread also features a computer-optimized tread pattern stiffness that provides a more uniform pressure distribution. This helps deliver higher mileage and a more uniform tread wear. Moreover, the tread compound features a newly introduced curing agent that also contributes to a significant reduction of tread wear.

Leading car manufacturers choose EfficientGrip as Original Equipment

The new Goodyear EfficientGrip has already been approved as Original Equipment by several car manufacturers, such as Renault for the new Megane 3 and Mercedes for the E-Class. Various additional OE approval projects with leading car makers are ongoing.

Available in various sizes

With the launch of the EfficientGrip, Goodyear continues its history of introducing innovative tyre technologies, delivering a tyre that provides environmental benefits without compromising the safety relevant performance areas such as wet braking or handling. The new EfficientGrip will be available in various sizes covering a wide range of cars from the compact class up to the luxury class: