Goodyear launches OptiGrip tyre with revolutionary SmartWear Technology


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German TÜV SÜD confirmed: excellent performance even when worn

Goodyear launches OptiGrip tyre with revolutionary SmartWear Technology for exceptional performance throughout the tyre’s entire lifetime


Goodyear, one of the world’s largest tyre companies, is proud to introduce OptiGrip, the innovative summer tyre that offers drivers excellent performance, including wet braking, aquaplaning resistance and wet grip – even when the tyre is worn.

On wet roads worn tyres reduce the effectiveness of braking, steering, and traction. Thus, drivers need to drive more carefully, particularly in rain and on wet roads to avoid an accident.

Goodyear’s revolutionary approach to the problems caused by worn tyres takes shape in the new OptiGrip, with its innovative SmartWear Technology. SmartWear Technology has been specifically developed so that as the surface tread of the tyre wears down, new compounds and grooves appear to maintain wet grip and aquaplaning performance at a high level. The new OptiGrip therefore retains great performance even when it’s worn.

The OptiGrip, which has been independently tested by the German organization TÜV SÜD Automotive1, offers drivers peace of mind by delivering a tyre that continues to perform exceptionally over its entire life time. Most notably, OptiGrip outperforms major competitors with these powerful results:

· OptiGrip shows better straight aquaplaning resistance after 12,500 kms than brand-new competitor tyres1

· OptiGrip delivers 20% shorter braking distance on wet roads after 18,000kms (1)

The new Goodyear OptiGrip dramatically extends its lead in wet braking over its lifetime. After 6,000 kms OptiGrip is 5% better than its two leading competitors, after 12,000 kms 7% better and after 18,000kms OptiGrip stops an incredible 20% shorter than its two leading competitors 2

A new era in tyre technology: SmartWear Technology

Groundbreaking compound technology

Goodyear’s innovative SmartWear Technology, used in the new OptiGrip, features the combination of two specially-designed compounds. The top compound, which has a sipe design with 3D interlocking technology in the upper section of the tread blocks, offers tread design stiffness that contributes to dry handling performance and high mileage.

As the top compound wears, more of the bottom compound is progressively exposed. This compound is designed for increased grip in the wet and maintains among best in class wet braking and handling performance throughout the entire life of the tyre.[2]

Innovative tread design

The SmartWear Technology of the new OptiGrip is also encapsulated in a uniquely visible tread design, which continues to change throughout the tyre’s lifetime. Sipes and grooves feature hidden channels below the tread surface, which are gradually revealed as the tyre tread wears down. These new grooves facilitate efficient water evacuation and maintain the high levels of wet grip and aquaplaning resistance even when the tyre wears down.

Long lasting performance

The new OptiGrip has been extensively tested, both at Goodyear’s own testing facilities as well as by TÜV SÜD Automotive. These tests measured numerous driving parameters such as braking, aquaplaning and handling at various stages of the tyre life. Tracking the performance evolution gives a true picture of the OptiGrip’s long lasting performance capability.

Excellent wet handling, aquaplaning resistance and braking – even after 18,000 kms

Worn tyres increasingly lose grip on wet roads, as the grooves are no longer deep enough to channel water out from beneath the tread. The result is hydroplaning, where the tread merely skims the water’s surface and the vehicle no longer responds to steering.

The open tread design and the wide circumferential tread grooves facilitate efficient water dispersal from the tyre contact area. The bottom compound, which has been designed for increased grip in the wet, also helps maintain best in class wet braking and handling performance – even after 18,000 kms

Excellent dry handling over lifetime

The new OptiGrip provides precise handling through bends and during high performance driving conditions. The new tyre features two central and continuous circumferential ribs. The stable centre area transmits the steering movements directly to the road surface, while the solid outside shoulder blocks gradually take over the transmission of the cornering forces. This results in a more even pressure distribution over the entire footprint and consequently, improves the handling stability. In addition, the characteristics of the outer tread compound provide excellent handling performance.

Environmentally friendly

The low rolling resistance tread of the Goodyear OptiGrip is tuned to contribute to lower fuel consumption. The tyre’s low Poly Cyclic Aromatic (PCA) polymer tread also makes it a more environmentally friendly tyre.