Goodyear OptiGrip in 2009 Tyre Test


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Auto Express recommend Goodyear OptiGrip in their 2009 Tyre Test, with the best performance in resisting aquaplaning

Motoring Magazine ‘Auto Express’ has published the results of its tyre test. The magazine compared the performance of 12 tyre brands across a range of handling and safety tests.

Goodyear has been awarded a ‘Recommended’ rating for its latest OptiGrip tyre, which scored an incredible 99.7% overall rating in the demanding tests. In one of the wet tests, Auto Express declared the Goodyear performance as ‘Amazing’.

The Goodyear OptiGrip, which features innovative SmartWear Technology, continues a long tradition of success for Goodyear in the Auto Express test. In 2008, the Goodyear HydraGrip won an ‘Auto Express Product Honour’ for its exceptional wet weather safety after taking overall top spot in their previous annual tyre test.

Best Performance in resisting Aquaplaning

Aquaplaning is one of the most terrifying situations that can happen when driving in the wet. It is the point where the tyre cannot clear the volume of water underneath the vehicle, and the car begins to ride on the water, rather than the tarmac. The driver then has no control until the car slows to a point that the tyre can expel the water again.

In the Auto Express comparison, the Goodyear OptiGrip dominated both Aquaplaning tests. The magazine compared tyres in both straight aquaplaning and curved aquaplaning situations. The first test simulates driving in water on a straight road, such as a motorway. The second test replicates what would happen if a car hit standing water on a bend, such as a long motorway exit slip road curve.

Kim Adams, Chief Tester at Auto Express stated: “No matter how you measure aquaplaning, though, Goodyear’s amazing OptiGrip was the clear winner”

The Goodyear OptiGrip had a 23% safer performance than one of the budget brands tested, and had a score an incredible 20% better than the similarly priced Michelin Primacy HP in the curved aquaplaning test. In the wet stopping distance test, the Goodyear stopped 6 km shorter from just 50kmph than another brand of tyre. That is equivalent to the length of two small family cars.

Even better when worn – according to independent TUeV tests

When developing new tyres, Goodyear always focuses on the safety benefits its products can bring to drivers. Worn tyres on wet road surfaces increase the risk of loss of traction and grip. Drivers have to be more careful driving with worn tyres particular in rain on wet roads to avoid losing control over their vehicle. One of the most critical aspects, particularly when related to tyres with higher mileage levels, remains handling and braking on wet road surfaces.

Michelle Fisher: Goodyear Brand Manager stated: “Thanks to our innovative SmartWear Technology, Auto Express have confirmed that the OptiGrip shows brilliant performance in wet handling and wet braking when brand new. The tyre is designed to reveal a new tread design and compound as it wears, ensuring it achieves this level of performance over its whole lifetime – without having to compromise on mileage. In tests by German testing agency TUeV, they ran similar tests to Auto Express – but using tyres that were worn after 18,000 miles of use. The dominance of OptiGrip was even more startling when worn”

After 18,000 kms – 20% shorter braking than its competitors

After 18,000 kms, the wet braking performance of the tyre, which delivered the most spectacular of all tests results, was measured by TUeV, with a braking test from 50mph. The Goodyear OptiGrip performed outstandingly: it stopped 20% shorter than its tested competitors.

The TUeV test results showed that the Goodyear OptiGrip provided a 6% better resistance to aquaplaning after 18,000 kms than its leading competitors.