Green Party welcomes safer speed limits in Dublin City


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The Green Party has warmly welcomed the proposed new speed limits in Dublin City Centre, and has said that streets will be safer once the proposals become law on the 31st January.

Green Party Transport Spokesperson Deputy Ciarán Cuffe said:
“Lower speed limits save lives. The change will particularly favour cyclists and pedestrians and will make the city centre a more civilised place.This should attract more shoppers and more visitors to the city. Half of those who die on Dublin City roads are pedestrians, and reducing speeds is a clear indication that speeding will not be tolerated.

“I am disappointed that the AA which professes to promote road safety has criticised this measure.The City Council is taking a visionary step forward to creating a more sustainable, vibrant, thriving people-friendly city.

“Research shows that vulnerable road users are much more likely to be killed or injured by vehicles travelling at higher speeds. This will send a clear signal out to motorists to slow down in the city centre, even if the road is clear. It is worth noting that the change in speed limit will at most add a minute and a half to a cross-city journey.

“I urge the City Council to also take further steps to limit large trucks from city centre streets as they pose a significant threat to cyclists and pedestrians. I also trust that an Garda Siochánna will take the new speed limits seriously and  dedicate sufficient resources to ensure that the law is upheld.”