Honda will introduce smaller Diesel Engine for European Market by 2012.


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In his Mid Term speech the Chief Executive of Honda Motor Company Mr Takanobu Ito outlined the company’s strategic approach for the next 10 years.   Honda Worldwide | July 20, 2010 “Summary of 2010 Mid-Year CEO Speech”

The central theme of his message was the rapid development of efficiency – minded technologies that would appear in Honda showrooms across the world over the next two years. In addition, reference was also made to the more radical aspects of Honda’s strategic approach to the environmental challenge by reaffirming Honda’s commitment to continue working on the technological advancement of the FC-X fuel cell car and Hydrogen refuelling systems over the next 10 years.

The key initiatives outlined in the 10 year strategic plan.

  • A new small diesel engine will be introduced into Europe in 2012.
  • Honda will accelerate widespread market introductions of Hybrid technology by enhancing the line-up of models equipped with IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) systems commencing with a Jazz option in 2011.
  • Honda will pursue the advancement of battery technologies, critical to the advancement of hybrid vehicles.
  • A new plug-in hybrid system for mid to larger sized cars is currently under development and is expected to be introduced in the US and Japanese markets by 2012.
  • In the longer term, fuel cell electric vehicles will provide the ultimate mobility.  To this end, Honda will continue working on the technological advancement of FCX Clarity as well as the company’s hydrogen refuelling systems.
  • Levering the technologies established through the development of fuel cell electric vehicles, Honda will make progress in the development of a battery EV with a goal to put it in real world use in 2012.