Irelands first dedicated Car Swapping Website –


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CARSWAP.IE,  is a site designed to help the public sell their cars with out lowering the price to such a low level it isn’t even worth selling.

It works like any other car website, you log on post  your car on the site.
The difference is, instead of advertising to sell your car you advertise to swap your car. You enter what type of motor you want to swap for in a comments box allowing people to see your car and what you are looking for.

There are 4 options:

1:Swap: This would be a direct swap, no money involved

2:Swap with cash: this would be if you were trying to upgrade your car and would swap your car for a better car and throw in a bit of money as well.

3:Swap and accept cash: this would be if you wanted to downgrade your car and would swap it for a lesser car and would take some money as well.

4:Sell,: you can also sell your car on my site,

The site is completely free to use and as it stands I do not make any money from it,
I see the site as a public service to help kick-start the motor industry in Ireland. This service is free for independent car owners as well as car dealers and garages.