Ireland’s lowest priced car – Nissan Pixo


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Just €9,985 gets you Ireland’s cheapest car!

The Nissan PIXO has been conceived to answer the need for an uncomplicated, environmentally conscious car that offers high fuel efficiency with low emissions, at a position in the market which makes it very accessible.

“Difficult economic conditions and an increased awareness of environmental issues mean customers are looking for a car that delivers excellent fuel economy and low emissions at a price they can afford. PIXO answers all those needs with a practical package that is refreshingly uncomplicated. The timing is perfect.”

Andy Palmer, Senior Vice President, Global Product Planning, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

At a glance

  • Five doors, four seats
  • 3.56 metres long, 2.36 metres wheelbase
  • 1.0-litre three cylinder petrol engine, delivering…
  • 103 g/km CO2
  • 4.4 l/100 kms (64.2 mpg)
  • Available with automatic gearbox
  • Simple line-up
  • Built in India for Nissan by Suzuki

The Nissan PIXO arrives on the market at just the right time. The crisis facing the global economy has placed a renewed focus on affordable transport, while increasing environmental concern has seen soaring demand for highly fuel-efficient cars with a low CO2 output.

Nissan has long been acknowledged as a leader in the city car market, and PIXO complements urban friendly cars like Micra and Note giving Nissan a diverse selection of compact, spacious and efficient cars all well equipped to reduce the stress of the modern, overcrowded urban environment.

PIXO answers today’s need for a simple, affordable car with ultra low emissions and excellent fuel economy. With a combined fuel consumption figure of 4.4 l/10 kms (64.2 mpg), a remarkable 103 g/km CO2 and uncomplicated line up, PIXO is clearly in tune with the times.



To underline its strong environmental credentials, it will be one of the first Nissans on sale in Europe to wear the newly revealed PUREDRIVE badge. Attached to all Nissans producing less than 140 g/km CO2, the PUREDRIVE emblem helps buyers quickly identify the most fuel efficient and environmentally efficient cars in its range.

While its eco credentials are beyond reproach, PIXO also scores in its size and packaging. This is a real car, with European-inspired looks and high levels of standard equipment. Its 1.0-litre three cylinder engine promises lively performance while there’s ample space inside for four adults and their luggage: buying a PIXO involved no compromises.

It will be easy to own, easy to drive and with a simple, uncomplicated line-up, easy to buy.

“There can be little doubt that our attitudes to the car are changing. It’s clear that in the current climate, customers want an affordable package, which is easy and convenient to live with, as well as low fuel consumption.

“And they want a car which emits as little CO2 as possible. But at the same time no-one is willing to sacrifice space, comfort and safety or forgo the trust implicit in the Nissan badge,” says Pierre Loing, Nissan’s European Vice President of Product Planning.

“Everything to with Pixo has been conceived to be simple and straightforward.”


Small urban runabouts often fall into the micro car category, raising questions about safety, quality and longevity. PIXO might be compact, but it’s a real car with a full complement of desirable equipment and nothing superfluous. There’ll be no compromise needed by buyers moving to a PIXO.

At a glance

  • Modern lightweight design
  • Attractive European styling
  • Full size doors eases ingress and egress
  • Spacious interior
  • Collaboration with Suzuki

Nissan has been able to bring PIXO to market so quickly thanks to a collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation. A Suzuki-badged version of the car will be sold as the Alto in European markets.

Built in state-of-the art facilities in Delhi, India, PIXO is a brand new four-seater competing in the fast growing A-segment. Unlike some of its immediate rivals, however, PIXO is far from a micro car. It has four side doors to ease ingress and egress to and from the cabin but remains sufficiently compact and agile to be ideal for city driving.

PIXO is 3565 mm long, 1470 mm tall, 1600 mm wide and sits on a wheelbase of 2360 mm. Thanks to its modern design and construction PIXO weighs around 855 kg (depending on specification), making it one of the lightest cars in its class with resulting benefits in performance, fuel consumption and emissions.

The cabin has space for four adults, while the trunk area can swallow 129 litres of luggage with the rear seat in place, expanding to 367 litres when the back seat is folded.