Irish Soccer Fans Can Make Safety the Real Winner of World Cup 2010


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While Ireland may not have qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the event is still set to draw huge numbers to their TV screens until the Finals are held on 11th July in Johannesburg.

With this in mind the Road Safety Authority (RSA) is today Friday 10th June 2010, urging all world cup fans to take extra care on our roads and to be particularly aware of the dangers of driving having consumed alcohol.

“We want everyone to enjoy the World Cup but we hope that people will do this with an eye on their own safety, and that of others with whom they share the road.” Said Mr. Noel Brett, CEO, Road Safety Authority.

He added that “Many people will settle down to watch the games, with a few drinks in the comfort of their own homes or in their local pub. With the long summer evenings and football on TV, more people will be out socialising and may not realise how much alcohol they have consumed. We want to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves but stays safe.”

Specifically, people out watching the World Cup in pubs and clubs are being advised to think about how they plan to get home safely, especially if they have been drinking: Mr. Brett advises “The common sense thing to do is to leave the car keys at home, get a taxi, hackney, public transport or designate a sober driver, before you head out.
For those watching the games at home you need to understand the strength of the alcohol you are drinking and beware of measure size.

Remember too that if you have been drinking the night before you may be over the limit the following morning.”

“I would urge people to visit for more practical tips on how alcohol affects the body and on how to get home safely.
Most importantly enjoy the games and make sure that you are not the one who causes devastation in your family, your community or someone else’s family through selfish actions on the road.” He concluded.

Alcohol is estimated to be a contributory factor in approximately 1 in 3 fatal crashes on Ireland’s roads. Visit for more facts in information on drink driving in Ireland.