Is it time to change your Timing Belt?


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The right time to change a timing belt depends not only on the mileage on the vehicle, but also on the age of the belt. ContiTech advises garages to point this out to their customers. Standing for long periods places as much strain on the belt as regular use. Ageing wears the material, regardless of how much the vehicle is driven.

Many motorists are unaware that it’s not just because of the miles driven that cars need to be regularly taken to the garage. In particular second cars, city cars and convertibles do not reach the replacement intervals specified by the manufacturer, even after many years.

In recent years some manufactures have retrospectively modified the replacement intervals for timing belts.

In order to carry out maintenance work in line with service guidelines, garages should always use the latest information. Autodata Timing Belt manual can assist you with this process. ContiTech advises replacing the timing belt after six years at the latest. When the belt is exchanged it is strongly recommended that all relevant drive belt system components, such as tensioning and deflection pulleys, are replaced at the same time, thereby ensuring greater protection for the engine.