Kia Recall Notice


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Manufacturer: Kia Motors Corporation

Models: Carens, Carnival, Sportage, Sorento

Model Year: 2007

Production Date: 20th/September – 25th/October 2006

Number of Vehicles: 16,011 (275 in Ireland)

Region: Western and Central Europe


Kia is recalling 16,011 Carens, Carnival, Sportage and Sorento vehicles


The Brake Light Switch in some vehicles manufactured during this period may malfunction. The Brake Light switch is manufactured by an external supplier.

This malfunction may result in the brake lights failing to illuminate when the brake pedal is depressed or may cause the brake lights to remain illuminated when the brake pedal is released.

The brake performance, ABS and EBD functions remain unaffected by any brake light switch malfunction.

Other possible results of this malfunction, depending on the equipment of the vehicle:

  • Automatic Transmission shift-lock may not be released by brake pedal, preventing the transmission shift lever from being moved out of Park.
  • Electronic Stability Control may be disabled and (ESC OFF) light illuminated.
  • Cruise Control may not deactivate when the brake pedal is depressed.


Some of these possible consequences of the Brake Light Switch malfunction may lead to a hazardous situation.


Kia will alert the owners of all vehicles subject to this recall. Kia Service Shops will replace the Brake Light Switch on all affected vehicles, free of charge.