Kids ride-on supercars available for Christmas


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Lamborghini Launches its First 5mph Supercar

Totcars have launched the 5mph electric Lamborghini Gallardo just in time
for Christmas – but it’s only for children under 6. The new Mercedes
500SL and Ferrari California are also new additions to the line up of over
500 gleaming children’s cars at

The fully licensed cars are child-sized versions of the world’s most
prestigious car brands, enabling kids to get behind the wheel of a car just
like Mum’s or Dad’s. The range includes everything from Porsches to
Peugeots; they can even pretend to be a racing driver in their very own
electric Ferrari F1 ride-on car. 

All the licensed cars feature a steel chassis, alloy-like wheels, sports
steering wheel and a tough polyethylene body.  The paint is deep injected
so scratches can be easily buffed away. and of course they all come with
the badges and stickers just like their adult versions.

There are a variety of licensed pedal and electric ride-on cars at TotCars,
with ages starting from 2 years old. Children even receive their very own
personalised MOT and registration certificates, as well as personalised
number plates and drivers licence which adds an exclusive feel to an
already special gift. For parents the 1 year guarantee and UK based service
centre offers peace of mind and ensures the car will stay in great
condition for years to come.

Lamborghini Gallardo – 12 volt electric. A pedal car version is also

The Gallardo is the first child version of a Lamborghini and it has been
re-created with precision. In gleaming white, its beautiful lines
faithfully represents the iconic styling of its adult version. The
Lamborghini designers have produced a gorgeous flowing child’s Gallardo
that is destined to be an instant classic.

The electric Lamborghini Gallardo can reach speeds of 5mph and features
progressive acceleration and an electronic gearbox with forward and reverse

Ferrari California – 12 volt electric. A pedal car version is also

The California encompasses everything the Ferrari brand is known for –
quality, luxury and of course, prestige. Featuring the iconic licensed
Prancing Horse logo the California is desirable to children and parents

In the electric version, progressive acceleration re-creates that driving
feel as the car goes faster when the pedal is pushed harder up to a maximum
speed of 5mph. The electronic gearbox adds to this effect giving the child
a fantastic driving experience.

Mercedes 500 SL – 6 volt electric. A pedal car version is also available.

The new design philosophy of the adult Mercedes 500 SL has been beautifully
re-created in child-sized form giving an exclusive, executive feel.

Both the pedal and electric cars feature an adjustable leather-look seat
adding to the luxury look and the electric version goes up to 3mph.