Less is more – Clarion


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Advanced mechanism-less Clarion audio head units boost efficiency

Demonstrating its commitment to developing technologies within in-vehicle infotainment, Clarion’s current range of ‘mechless’ (no-moving mechanical parts) audio head units fuse efficiency and ease-of-use with sought-after features, to deliver a state-of-the-art in-car audio experience.

The FZ709E and FZ409E units feature full dot OEL (Organic Electro-Luminescence) screens that are lighter, smaller and more energy efficient – 60-80% of the power consumption of conventional liquid crystal displays.

Much like the technology utilised in home entertainment, this type of screen emits its own light (no backlight), to create a display that is easier to read from wide angles and even in bright sunlight.  Crucially, as it’s easier to read, it’s also easier to operate, which means the driver can keep their eyes on the road for longer, resulting in a safer in-car audio experience all round.

The FZ709E and FZ409E incorporate USB/MP3/WMA/AAC playback, whilst built-in Bluetooth hands free control and audio streaming (HPF & A2DP) – including direct phone list access via the head unit controls – is added as standard to the FZ709E, with the FZ409E supporting the optional addition of a Bluetooth interface (BLT373).

Direct iPod control (no additional leads needed) is offered via a USB slot on the rear of the head unit, and iPod video also supported (optional CCA723 cable and universal monitor required) with the optional addition of stand-alone screens.

Each model also features built-in high pass and low pass filters and a 4 x 50 watt internal amplifier, whilst BBE MP (Minimised Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation) restores the subtleties of sound traditionally lost during digital compression of MP3 and WMA audio files.

Both FZ models utilise a sophisticated GUI (Graphical User Interface), using capacitive sensor technology to remove the need for physical buttons, and deliver a more intuitive operating experience as a result.

Clarion boasts two additional mechless units in its extensive audio range, with the FB288RBT (White) and FB289RBT (Black), also benefiting from built-in Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP & AVRCP) and Bluetooth Hands free calling technology (HFP & HSP), whilst MP3 (including ID3-TAG display) playback is made possible thanks to an SD card slot behind the flip-down control panel.

The bold, futuristic looks of both models are created through a 728 variable colour display, whilst indirect lighting on to the unit makes each of the four, acrylic arched buttons either side of the central rotary volume control, appear to float like fins…creating a ‘Metal Shark’ design.