Tallaght Company breaks World Record!


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Henkel Ireland Enters Guinness Book of Records with Loctite Superglue

Dublin, 27th April 2009: A Dublin Company has broken a Guinness World RecordTM after successfully lifting a car weighing more than five tons with just nine drops of glue! Henkel Ireland, which is based in Tallaght and manufactures and fills Loctite Superglue here, won the category of “heaviest vehicle lifted with glue” after lifting a pick-up truck giving a piggyback ride to an additional Smart Car!

The total weight of the vehicles was 5.02 tons – almost one ton more than the previous record. The product used for the exercise, which took place in Germany recently was classic Loctite Superglue liquid which can be bought in stores across the country.

Dr Liam O’Dwyer, Product Development Manager, Henkel Tallaght commented:  “The preparation took a lot of hard work and we are thrilled to have achieved this world record. It’s a very impressive way to demonstrate the strength of our Super Glue and we are proud that it was developed and manufactured in Ireland.”

Liam and his colleagues Ruth Kelly and Fergal Tierney, Senior Chemist and Technician respectively with Henkel in Tallaght, travelled to Germany for the competition, after carrying out a series of trials in a yard at Henkel’s Ballyfermot site!

To communicate the superior bonding strength of Loctite Superglues, Loctite successfully implemented the well-known “hanging man” visual years ago: a man that was stuck headlong to the ceiling with just a few drops of Loctite Superglue on his shoes. This year the famous Loctite “hanging man” will leave the place he used to be glued to. To demonstrate the versatile use of Loctite Superglues for nearly all materials, the new TV campaign starting spring 2009 sees him appearing in many different locations such as an airplane wing or a spring board in a public swimming pool.