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Tyre retailers, dealers and distributors all around the country have been signing up to an initiative which aims to track the supply of tyres in Ireland and promote their recovery when they become waste.

TRACS, the Tyre Recovery Activity Compliance Scheme, is Ireland’s first Tyre Compliance Scheme and is approved by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

TRACS was set up in 2008 to monitor the movement of tyres in Ireland, including waste tyres and was introduced by the tyre sector as a response to new 2008 Department of the Environment Waste Management Regulations.  55,000 tonnes of tyre waste is estimated to be generated in Ireland each year.

Since TRACS was initiated, it has had an extremely positive impact on the Irish tyre industry. A database system has been created so all tyres can be traced from when they are imported to when they are sold, right though to when they are discarded, reused or processed for recovery.

The most responsible importers, manufacturers, retailers and waste collectors have registered with TRACS and industry practice has improved significantly with retailers changing their previous habits.  TRACS members now only give waste tyres to approved collectors and recognise that that they still have a responsibility for their management even after it is removed by the waste collector. This is great news for the industry and for the ultimate goal of properly managing tyre waste in this country.

Make sure that you choose a TRACS dealer, the next time that you need to change your car tyres.   A full list of importers, manufacturers, retailers and waste collectors in Ireland who have registered with TRACS is available on the TRACS website.