Mercedes-Benz plans to promote Star Select approved used car programme


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With economic conditions still likely to overshadow the motor industry in
2010, Mercedes-Benz has taken the decision to intensify their Star Select
Approved used car sales drive in the year ahead.

Through more intensive marketing and advertising mirroring their new car
campaign in terms of style, impact and frequency, motorists will be reminded
of the value that is to be had on every Mercedes-Benz dealer forecourt.

In developing their Star Select Approved Used Car programme, Mercedes-Benz
has acknowledged the level of reassurance which motorists expect when
purchasing a used car. As a result, strict guidelines have been put in place
which every main dealer is expected to follow to the letter before a used
car can be offered for sale under the scheme.

These guidelines include strict rules relating to technical and bodywork
examination and repair, parts replacement, servicing, paint work
rectification and valeting along with the quality of guarantee that
customers get. A confidence package provided under the scheme includes a 12
months warranty, 24/7 roadside assist, a 30-day exchange plan, SIMI/HPI
certification and a signed handover pack.

Describing it as a brand within a brand, their sales manager Ciaran Allen
said that they have elevated the used car purchasing experience to a level
that should ensure that every customer who buys a Star Select used
Mercedes-Benz will enjoy the same experience and receive the same level of
service and assurance that awaits the new car buyer.