Michelin Man returns to ROI after 20 year hiatus


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Michelin has launched a large scale advertising campaign in Ireland, for the first time in 20 years.

Despite being the only tyre manufacturer on the island of Ireland, and one of the Emerald Isle’s largest employers, consumer awareness of the world’s leading tyre maker is low compared to almost every other country in the world.

The campaign looks to address this imbalance and will see the Michelin Man appearing on huge billboards in seven counties across the Republic, as well as in national newspaper and online media advertising. The graphics will convey the message that Michelin tyres can save motorists money between trips to the petrol pumps, and also highlight a promotion for free fuel vouchers with tyre purchases.

Michelin hopes its efforts will pay dividends in the Irish markets, as Head of Marketing Thierry Rudloff explains:

“We haven’t done any serious advertising in the Republic of Ireland for more than 20 years. Our brand awareness has obviously suffered as a result and research shows this is particularly true amongst young people. Ireland is obviously an important market for us, not least because it is home to one of our best-performing truck tyre factories. Hopefully this campaign will show people we’re still very much part of this country.”