Mondello Jap-Fest to feature International standard Drag-Sprint


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The already high standards of Ireland’s biggest annual modified motoring festival, ‘Mondello Jap-Fest’, are set to be raised to a new level with the upgrading of the Drag Sprint competition at this years show which is set for Sunday September 6th.

For the first time at the circuit the always popular Drag Racing section of the event will take on more of the features of a true drag strip with the installation of professional drag racing standard start lights and results recording systems. The starting system to be used comes direct from the Irish Drag Racing Championship and will be operated by ‘Sideways Racing’ the organisers of that series. The new set-up means that for the first time drivers will go through a proper ‘Staging’ procedure prior to the ‘Christmas Tree’ lights system taking over.

In addition to the starting systems, Sideways Racing will provide their full results service which will record drivers reaction times (the time taken to move following the lights going green), elapsed times (time taken to complete the course), terminal velocity (maximum speed) and 60 foot times (initial acceleration). All of this information will spice up the action for spectators and competitors as commentators will have access to each driver’s results as they happen.

Along with improving the management of the Drag Sprint, Sideways Racing will also provide input into the way it is configured. The class structure used in the Irish Drag Championship will be used as the basis for a new class format at Mondello Jap-Fest which will see drivers race in four classes. Two runs of heats will give competitors the chance to battle it out for class awards with the top drivers then going on to compete for overall honours in the knockout stage.

Entries for the Drag Sprint and all other sections of the Mondello Jap-Fest are now being taken. Full details of the Drag Race class structure and all other aspects of the show can be found on the Mondello Park web site, or by calling the Mondello Park office on +353-45-860200.