More cars registered on 1 July than the whole of June


There were more new cars sold yesterday than the whole of June. Yesterday, the first day of the new ‘132’ registration plate, 1,927 new cars were sold, compared to just 1 on the same day last July.

• There were more cars sold yesterday than the first 18 days of July last year
• There were 2,095 total new vehicles registered yesterday compared to just 1 on the 1st of July last year.
• There were 138 light commercials (vans) sold yesterday (none were sold 1st of July last year)
• There were 31 HGV’s (trucks) sold yesterday (compared to none on the 1st last year)
• Car sales yesterday exceeded sales on the first working day of January this year- traditionally the busiest day of the year for car sales when 1,487 new cars were sold.

To put this into context, though, it should be noted that July 1st last year was a Sunday. 
Even so, when compared to July 2nd last year:
• 140 new cars were sold on July 2nd last year compared to 1,927
• 165 total new vehicles sold July 1st last year compared to 2,096
• 15 vans sold last year v 138
• 10 trucks last year compared to 31

Alan Nolan, Director General of SIMI: “It’s a very positive start to the new ‘132’ year.  Clearly motorists can see the benefits of a ‘132’ plate and are availing of the offers out there, with many only available for the introductory period. Feedback from Dealerships had indicated a lot of interest in the run up to the new plate but it’s always hard to gauge just how much until we see the actual registrations coming through. As it’s the first year of the new dual registration, we hope that the momentum continues for the coming weeks and months.”

Volkswagen was the top selling 131 brand – Golf was biggest selling 131 model

As we welcome the new 132 plate, Volkswagen is celebrating being the top-selling brand of the 131 plate with the new Volkswagen Golf also the top-selling car.

According to figures from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), Volkswagen claimed 12.64 per cent market share for the 131 plate with 6,730 units, ahead of Toyota in second place and Ford in third place.

The Volkswagen Golf was also the top-selling model of the 131 plate, with 2,623 units or 4.93 per cent market share, ahead of the Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus.

Commenting on the figures, Volkswagen Ireland Head of Marketing Paul O’Sullivan said, “We are delighted with the results for the 131 plate and we would like to thank our customers for helping us maintain our number one position.  For the first time ever, we now move on to a new ‘year’ with the 132 plate.  Hopefully we can achieve similar success again with our strong product line up and finance offers.  Plus, with new variants of the Golf such as the GTI and GTD just hitting forecourts we are quietly confident of a good 132.”