Motorists share no sympathy with Drink drivers


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Irish motorists have no sympathy for drink drivers and would favour harsher punishments for them, according to a poll of over 10,000 Irish drivers carried out by the AA.  Over half (52%) of motorists would call the Garda if someone that they knew was about to drink and drive. 83% believe that drunk drivers should have their cars confiscated.
The results are taken from the AA Motorists Panel survey which measured the opinions of 10,700 motorists on issues related to road safety.

“The days when drink driving was tolerated with a nod and a wink are long since behind us.” Says Director of Policy Conor Faughnan. “Nowadays, people have little sympathy or respect for the culprits.”
It is evident that Irish drivers care a lot about road safety. More than half say that they worry about their own safety while on the roads, and 61% worry about their friends and family.

But there is not always agreement. 46% believe that speed cameras will improve road safety – 40% disagree. 53% believe that cameras will punish motorists unfairly.

“We often accuse ourselves of being a nation of bad drivers, but we are improving.” Says Faughnan. “Road deaths are down about 15% so far this year, and 2008 was our best year ever in terms of preventing death and injury. Part of the credit for that improvement goes to the maturing attitudes of Irish drivers.”

The AA Motorists Panel includes members and non-members of the AA who participate in email polls & discussions. The latest survey was carried out through June and July and 10,700 motorists took part.  Motorists can sign up to join the panel via the website

Selected responses:-
·         More than half (52%) would report someone they knew to the Garda if they were about to drink and drive
·         61% worry about friends or family using the roads
·         51.5% worry about their own safety
·         80% agree that penalty points incurred in Northern Ireland should be valid for drivers from the republic
·         14% occasionally and 5% regularly use a hand held phone while driving
·         10% occasionally and 3% regularly send texts while driving