Motorway Re-designations took effect from Friday, 28 August, 2009


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The Minister for Transport, Mr. Noel Dempsey, T.D., has reminded motorists that a total of 294km of national roads gained motorway status from Friday, 28 August 2009.

Minister Dempsey said; “The purpose of this move to re-designate 294km of national roads as motorways is to enhance and protect the national motorway network, the primary function of which is to allow people, goods and services to travel safely and efficiently throughout the country. This move will create a high degree of uniformity of speed limits across major sections of the national road network and protect this major public investment from inappropriate development.”

The design speed of 120 kph will apply to all newly declared motorway sections unless special speed limits are in operation.  (In particular, please note that all special speed limits (construction zones) will remain in place beyond August 28th, 2009.)   In addition, the designation to motorway status will serve to protect the routes against inappropriate development, including multiple access points, which would have road safety implications and affect the efficiency and service life of the route.

Certain categories of road users are prohibited from using motorways, e.g. learner drivers, vehicles not exceeding 50 cc in engine capacity, vehicles not capable of a speed of 50 kph, pedestrians, and pedal cyclists.

Over the past 12 months, a total of 560 kms have been declared motorways.  With the completion of all the Major Inter-Urban routes by end 2010, we will have almost 900kms of road at motorway standard open to traffic. 

All relevant sections of road being declared as motorways are listed below: 

N2 Dublin to Derry
Killshane to Ashbourne (open to traffic) 13 km

N3 Dublin to Cavan
Littlepace to Loughsallagh (open to traffic) 2.1 km
Loughsallagh to Pace (under construction) 2.3 km

N4 Dublin to Sligo
Kinnegad to McNead’s Bridge (open to traffic) 6.8 km

N6 Dublin to Galway
Athlone to Ballinasloe (Open to traffic) 20 km
Ballinasloe to Galway (under construction) 51 km

N7 Dublin to Limerick
Limerick Southern Ring Road (Phase 1)  (open to traffic) 8.5 km
N7/N20 Rossbrien Interchange (under construction) 1.5 km

N8 Dublin to Cork
Watergrasshill to Glanmire (open to traffic) 7 km
Glanmire Bypass (open to traffic) 6.3 km

N9 Dublin to Waterford
Powerstown to Waterford (under construction) 64 km

N11 Dublin to Wexford
Ashford to Rathnew (open to traffic) 8 km
Arklow Bypass (open to traffic) 7 km
Arklow to Gorey (open to traffic) 21 km

N18 Oranmore to Limerick
Shannon to Ennis (open to traffic) 8.3 km
Ennis Bypass (open to traffic) 12.5 km
Gort to Crusheen (under construction) 22 km
Oranmore to Gort (in planning) 28 km

N20 Cork to Limerick
Limerick to Attyflin (N20/N21 Junction) (open to traffic) 5 km